About Us
The Selfie Corporation

"If you can BELEIVE, You can SUCCEED."

The Selfie Corporation was established on November 23, 2017 and it is composed of 11 shareholders. In the formative time, the businesses to be engaged with can best be summarized by its acronym:


We sieze every opportunity to serve humanity and the enviroment we live and earn our pofit with honor.


WHO WE ARE determines what we will become.
We serve our customers with PASSION Hitting our mission is our FOCUS Our success is for the greater glory of GOD
We remain HONEST always Even if others are not, will not & cannot
Accountable and responsible individuals Role player in a team


Our PRIDE will lead us to what we envisioned to accomplish.


Ability to withstand all challenges that maybe influenced by the development of the markets and the varying needs of the consumers.


Ability to deliver roles and respond to various expectations on time and at the least cost.


Ability to create specific solution to every opportunity in order to satisfy the need of the changing time.


Ability to apply knowledge and skills with positive attitude responsive to the vision and mission of the company.


Ability to perform with speed to market and need of the customers as well as the company at optimum quality and consumer satisfaction.


CUSTOMER and their satisfaction ensures our PROFIT objective. We will continually RECRUIT, REGAIN and RETAIN our customers. We will engage them consistently to draw patronage of the products and services that we sell. Availability of our products in their stores and prompt delivery of our services are our continuing objective. They are the primordial reason why we are in business because through them, we get our PROFIT.


We are committed to offer our CUSTOMERS with products that are safe to mankind and promote the welfare of the environment we live. And at the same time meet their demands and expectations in terms of price, service and quality in accordance with necessary authorities. We will continually engage in Research and Development to hone our skills in innovating our products and services to maintain our competitiveness with an end-in-mind of serving our CUSTOMERS and their CONSUMERS.